Project Builds

The Gallery build system has 3 major steps. First, gallery runs any pre-infrastructure build instructions indicated in deployment repositories. Then, Gallery spins up any infrastructure (including any terraform repositories/snippets), and finally, Gallery runs post infrastructure jobs from deployment repositories. To indicate the docker image used to build your deployment repositories, you can specify an image field in your .gallery-deploy.yml
image: gallery/example

1. Pre-Infrastructure Build Instructions

The pre-infrastructure build stages can be indicated in your .gallery-deploy.yml file under the init_stages section of the deploy file (for more information, see stages.

2. Service Builds

After the pre-infrastructure steps are completed, Gallery starts any infrastructure that is specified under your template. If you use terraform, we add a .tfvars file to your terraform repository to allow you to use Gallery-specific variables in your terraform configurations.

3. Post-Infrastructure Build Instructions

The post-infrastructure steps are used to deploy code to your newly created infrastructure. Take a look at the build jobs section for more information on the available environment variables.